Visitor Visas

Come to the UK as a Standard Visitor

These Visas are strictly temporary, and not for work purposes. However, for people looking to attend job interviews, visit relatives, come as a tourist, or receive medical treatment they can be ideal. They are also sometimes used for school or academic exchange programmes, volunteering, and to pass through the UK to another country in transit. Most travellers from countries in Asia and Africa will need a visa to travel to the UK, although there are notable exceptions. You can check your requirements here, or call our team directly to see whether you will need a Visa.






Young man travelling on vacation taking selfie sightseeing in Oxford

Expert advice at every stage

Our advisors meticulously assess eligibility and provide comprehensive support for Visitor Visa applications. With Resolution Legal Services, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing you have a dedicated legal team by your side. We will assess the eligibility of individuals for Visitor Visas, considering factors like the purpose of the visit and financial capability, and provide guidance on the conditions and restrictions associated with Visitor Visas, helping individuals comply with immigration rules. Rest assured our expert team will look after you at every stage.





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