Student Visas

Helping you at every stage of your application

As a firm specialising in UK immigration law, Resolution Legal Services provides comprehensive assistance with UK student visas. Empowering aspiring students, we offer guidance on eligibility requirements, and comprehensive support for student visa applications. Your educational journey is our priority.






Graduation students happily taking a photograph in graduation caps and gowns

We can assist prospective students in the following ways:

  • Help ensure strict adherence to UK immigration rules and regulations, helping clients navigate any potential pitfalls or challenges in their applications.
  • Assist with visa extensions if you plan to continue studies or pursue additional courses in the UK.
  • Offer legal representation in case of visa denials, guiding you through the appeals process.
  • Keep clients informed about any changes in immigration policies and regulations that may impact their student visa status.

We provide holistic support for all applicants, advising on situations such as work rights, part-time employment opportunities, and potential pathways to settlement in the UK after your studies are completed.





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