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Helping you complete your application accurately

Resolution Legal Services offer comprehensive document checking services to ensure that clients' immigration applications are in compliance. The process starts with you having the prepared documents ready, and a consultation fee being paid. From there we will cast over the Application from a legal perspective, with a fresh pair of eyes. We will check if any parts are missing, and which parts are complete, and advise accordingly. From there, you have an hour to ask any questions and ask us to review anything you have so far prepared, providing you with peace of mind prior to submission.

We will check the documents for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with immigration requirements. In this way, you can be reassured of the document's completeness, and dramatically reduce the likelihood of a need for resubmission.






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Helping you at every stage

With our scrutiny, any errors or discrepancies in the documents are identified early, so you can be informed of these issues, and make corrections and amendments before submission. We can guide you on how to rectify the documents, whether it requires obtaining additional information, correcting inaccuracies, or providing supplementary documentation. If any of your documents have been rejected before, we also provide comprehensive guidance on the resubmission process.





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