Free initial assessments

Here at Resolution Legal Services, we offer free exploratory consultations, to find out the practicalities of your case, and consider your best legal approach. In this way we can quickly assess whether you have a chance of a successful application, and will advise you straight away if you do not. While no one wants to hear this news, it is the best approach to save the time, expense, and effort of our clients in the long term.






Young adult Caucasian man and Muslim woman in hijab sitting on chairs in visa service agency filling in application forms while waiting for appointment

Making immigration law accessible to all

Your consultation can be conducted either in person at the office or virtually through video conferencing, ensuring accessibility for clients regardless of location. We will explain your situation in plain English, and also provide straightforward guidance on what you need to do. We can assist you in filing documentation, and provide you with a checklist of information that you will need to provide. Through this client-focused consultation process, Resolution Legal Services aims to provide thorough and effective immigration advice while fostering a positive and supportive client relationship.





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Contact our providers of immigration legal advice in High Wycombe if you need help in any matter of immigration law. You can call 01494 258080 or email us at We are also available on WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams and Skype.